Saturday, March 26, 2016

Too Many Irons In The Pot

That's what it seems like or that's the excuse I give for not blogging as much.  We just have too much going on.  Keeping up all the daily household stuff + homeschooling + any extra life activities and then I can barely keep up.  I don't know how to make life any simpler because I feel like we live fairly simply. 

I got to get away last weekend with my best friend from high school and still best girl friend today!  She and I went away to celebrate our 40th birthdays!  When I was little and my mom turned 40, I remember what a big deal it, it doesn't seem like such a big birthday.  I guess it is all perspective.  Anyway, we went away to the coast and just relaxed and shopped all weekend.  We stayed in Cambria and there are so many cute stores to peruse around in, it was fun.  Aside from the uninterrupted sleep, I told her the best part was having time to finish a conversation and not be interrupted.  That was nice.  Daddy was a trooper and held down the fort, the kids didn't even miss me...dads do a good job of that. 

A few weeks ago Grandma Cheri bought the kids a play set and this week we have been assembling it.  It will have swings, a slide, a fort on top and monkey bars to crawl across.  The boxes have been in our garage for a bit and the kids have been asking when we would build it and the time has arrived.  Uncle Paul has been a trooper and has been over here doing a bulk of the work.  I feel like I am just here for moral support and to find pieces.  Especially pieces that the kids pick up and move around and shouldn't do that to.  Hopefully it will get finished today. 

Mia is still having seizures.  We have an appointment in April to explore alternative treatment for her (cannabis oil).  Please be praying about that, just wisdom and direction on what to do.  She also has a tentative surgery scheduled in May, but I'm waiting to hear back from doctors regarding that.  It will simplify our bowel management process and so just be praying about that also.  We hate doing surgeries, but know that sometimes it is the best choice and now seems to be the right time for this to happen. 

Calvin and Asher are doing well.  They both had check ups a few days ago and are growing, healthy kids.  Thank you Lord!  Asher has just started to recognize certain letters/sounds that start words.  The other day he said, "pink, that starts with "puh" with is a p."  He was super excited.  I said, "what does Asher start with?"  He said, "aaa with is a."  Just trying to write down and soak up the sweet moments because there are quite a few not so sweet moments too.  :)

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