Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mia continues to look and act more and more like her normal self each day. What we've heard is that because her tummy has started waking up (she has been passing gas), they are going to start her on some clear liquids today. We haven't started yet, but we will let you know how it goes. Pray that she would tolerate this well.

Her IV is still working, thank you Lord! We aren't ready to lose it yet, so pray that it would hang in there until she doesn't need it anymore. I'm amazed it has lasted this long, it's a definite answer to prayer!

Mia slept much better last night and only needed a half dose of pain medication one time, so far today she hasn't needed anyway, which is more great news! We continue to be so grateful at how well everything is going! Thank you for praying (I know we say it alot, but it means the world to us that you would take time to pray for our little girl.)

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful news that we keep getting about Mia, and we are so thankful and praise God for His healing goodness. We love you and continue to pray.
Uncle Arnie and Aunt Darlene

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