Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mia's First Dirty Diaper!

Mia has been having small amounts of clear liquids since about 12:30 today and she has had her first dirty diapers! There was much rejoicing over the stinky diaper! So, we are doing great! Praise God for dirty diapers!

Mia lost her IV this afternoon, so they are closely watching her liquid intake, so far she has barely been making the cutoff, so hopefully she won't need a new IV, pray that her tummy would continue to adjust to the stuff going in and that she wouldn't need an IV.


Lita said...

We continue to keep Mia and you all in our prayers!! We have been tracking her progress, even while out of town, and thank the Lord for His great work in all of this!!!
Our love and prayers,
Lita and Galen

Eliza said...

Hurray! It's amazing all the Lord has taken her through.

Anonymous said...

Today is Sunday and we are praying things are well..
Auntie Dar

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