Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aside from a very sore bottom, Mia is doing great. We went back to school for the first time since Mia's surgery and everyone was very excited to see her. The kids said, "Mia" when we went inside, it was very cute.

We've been noticing more sounds and attempts at talking with Mia, which is great. She will mouth the word Mama, but no sound comes out, so we will keep working on that.

Please just keep praying for healing of her bottom, we are trying some different remedies and hopefully it will clear up soon.


Agnes said...

You might have prescription stuff...but if you're looking for a good OTC we love the Burts Bees diaper cream.

So glad the surgery went well and Mia is recovering!

Anonymous said...

We're taking a few days up in Oakhurst, but keep up with the blog and praying for Mia. You might try Balmex, it is wonderful and the best we've found. It's over the counter.
Love, prayers and hugs
Joyce and Jack

ParkerMama said...

Mia is a doll! What we've used that has worked so very well is Ilex! You put on a layer of Ilex and then a layer of petroleum jelly. The PJ is so very important or else you will glue a certain tiny tushie to it's diaper.


You can Google Ilex or ask your pharmacy to order it in for you. It's about 12.00 a tube, but it is sooooo worth it.

We tried everything under the sun before we went with the Ilex.

Good luck!

Crystal said...

We are definitely praying for Mia and hope that she recovers from this diaper rash soon!

Gwendolyn at one point had such a bad diaper rash it was oozing fluid (sorry too much detail) but no matter what we did it wouldn't get better with traditional creams. So we talked to our doctor and we got Clotrimazole (foot fungal cream) along with Neosporin...and would liberally apply b/c if it gets real could be both yeast/bacterial issues going on...then alternate each diaper change with cornstarch baby powder. Ever since that really bad incidence we have been able to keep things under control with just the cornstarch baby powder. I hope you find a combination that works! Glad to hear that the surgery went well!

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