Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Same

So her bottom is still the same, it is extremely red and irritated, occasionally it bleeds and we are just in agony every time we change her diaper. We have got some different recommendations from a few people and have tried alot of stuff, but we are still going to give a few more different remedies a try. One that seems hopeful to us is called Ilex cream, and from what I've read it does wonders on the worst looking bottoms. But we can't get it until Monday, so keep praying that her bottom would get better and not worse. Pray for normal bowel movements because they just aren't normal yet and continued healing.

In the back of my mind and deep in my heart I keep having this feeling that the reason we are where we are with the diaper rash is because she can't control her bowels. And I imagine that it is too early to actually determine that, this is all very new for her, but I can't seem to get that thought out of my mind. I didn't actually want to right this paragraph because as I type it, it seems more real and that there might be some truth to my fears. But I also know that we serve a God who is HUGE and if he wants Mia to control her bowels, then she will. And so my real purpose in writing this is for those of you who pray for Mia, that you would add this to the list, we've prayed for it before, but I just feel a renewed need to pray for it again. And now as I finish this paragraph, that fear isn't so scary to me, I feel a burden lifted knowing that you will pray as we pray and I trust God's answer completely. So, thank you for praying!!!

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Eliza said...

Definitely will be praying! Love you, Lisa! You are such an encouragement.

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