Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peanut and I are at the doctor's office, I just drank the orange glucose drink and I have an hour to wait until they draw my blood to check for diabetes. So now I have plenty of time to update the blog. :)

Yesterday we went to LA to see Mia's surgeon and to follow up with the NICU clinic (they will follow Mia until she is at least 3). Mia's surgeon was very pleased with how everything looked, we will follow up in another couple of months with him. We continue to stretch her bottom every couple of days and hopefully we will be able to lessen that in the near future. Mia still doesn't control her bowels, but we will keep giving her time because this is still very new for her, so we will continue to pray for full control with that.

After that visit we followed up with the NICU staff, that's always alot of fun because they enjoy seeing her so much. There was an immediate concern about her weight (which I was thankful for because I needed advice). So, they called up the dietician and we made a game plan to get Mia back on the growth curve in the next 3 months. Her goal is 1200 calories a day, around 250 calories for each meal/snack. We are going to go back to mostly pureed foods with lots of extra fat in them. The dietician said it's much easier to eat pureed foods and chewing tires kids out, so let's work on beefing her up over the next 3 months and make it easy for her, then we will go back to working on regular foods. So, lots of pureed meet and gravy and oil...and veggies that have higher calories, a meat and potatoes girl she will be. Please pray that this would work.

They told me that delays in development are linked with poor weight gain, so hopefully beefing her up will also help her to progress more developmentally.

Overall they thought that Mia was doing great, we will follow up in 3 more months with them. Our goal is to gain 5 pounds between now and then. Thanks for praying!

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Anonymous said...

HI Lisa

I am glad that you got to meet with the dietician. I have found them helpful myself. It is nice to have a game plan. I have found that Becca does better with butter than oil, it seems to taste better and it blends much better as well. We also have had great results with coconut oil.