Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yesterday was Peanut's first doctor visit. Everything looks great so far. Since Mia had so many complications, I'm considered "high risk", which means that they'll have the specialist actually do all of my ultrasounds because he knows exactly what he's looking for. And we've opted to have early blood work done to see if there are any indicators of complications with Peanut. We didn't do that with Mia because in my mind, I felt it didn't matter because we were keeping her regardless (likewise with Peanut), but looking back, it might have been helpful to prepare myself beforehand with knowledge rather than right before and after delivery. So, that's why we are opting to do some more blood work with this little one. We would love a healthy baby, that's what we keep praying for, but ultimately, we trust God to form this baby, just as He pleases, and ultimately for His will, but we'll keep praying for that healthy baby! I was 8 weeks yesterday, which puts my due date at August 25th.

Since I had a C-section with Mia, depending on how it was performed (we have to look at the surgery notes), I may have an option to have a normal delivery with this one instead of a C-section...but like everything there are risks with that and there are risks with a C-section, so pray that we'd have wisdom on what direction I should go. I have mixed reservations toward both options. :) Maybe the stork can just drop off this new baby instead???

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GinaE said...

It's always easier if the stork would do that!

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