Friday, March 19, 2010

LA Again

Yesterday Mia and I made our first trip to LA alone. We went for a family funeral and I didn't know how we'd do, but surprisingly, the trip went really well. I had bought a holder to attach to the back of the car seat for the portable DVD player...that was a life saver. After watching several Baby Einstein movies and too many to count Elmo's world, we safely arrived and she was happier than ever. On the way home she napped part of the way and watched DVD's the rest of the way. I'm not sure how parents survived before DVD players, but it was huge for us. My hat goes off to single parents who do this all the time because it was a long day to say the least, but I'm grateful that everything went well and it was really nice to see family who we hadn't seen in awhile, many of them pray for Mia all the time and so they got to see her for the first time. Funerals aren't easy, but we rejoice that my cousin is in heaven and we'll get to see him again some day.


Mommy Diffee said...

LOL Peyton loves Elmo's World too =) SOunds like a little advanture you had =)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, We downloaded the new pictures of Mia, and took them to church on Sunday.To show everybody the beautiful little girl they were praying for.They were so happy to see them. And said they will keep praying for you all.
Love Auntie Dar

Anonymous said...

We downloaded the new pictures of Mia. We took the to church on Sunday,to show everybody the beaitful little girl they have been praying for.
They were so happy to see her.
They all said the will keep praying for all of you.
love Auntie Dar