Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Shoes!

Mia's Grandma got her these new shoes yesterday and I couldn't resist a picture, they are too cute...maybe they have them in adult sizes? The girl has style, between her Grandma and her Nana, she's the best dressed kid around. She liked her new shoes, she kept pointing at them and when we went to school today another little girl in class (who also wears such cute shoes all the time) noticed Mia's shoes right away. She liked them. :)


karberator said...

Cute shoes for a cute girl!

Anonymous said...

Mia looks like a big girl all of the sudden...good work Mommy!!! and Daddy too.


Anonymous said...

I love the shoes,I want some for me.What an pretty little girl.
Auntie Dar

Anonymous said...

The next generation! Amy was a shoe maven at age two...and it has lasted forever...wore some 'bowling' shoes yesterday that her in her heart sister gave her a few years back. Need a picture of Grace in her pink high-tops and Mia in her new shoes. Glad things are progressing so well. Grammy J