Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Praise God for Progress!

Mia has been doing so well at therapy with her fine motor skills. Today we looked at some new goals for her since she's mastered her previous ones, well, it looks like she is at her age or ahead of her age in all of her fine motor skills! How awesome is that! Praise God! In fact, in her writing skills, she's at an age of 3 1/2 years, which is awesome. She is still behind on some occupational skills, like taking her pants off, putting shirts on, and zipping, so those are going to be our new goals for the next few months. Her OT was telling me how Mia is just "so smart" and "learns so quickly". It's so encouraging to see her doing so well, thank you God.

I also weighed her today and she is still at 21 pounds 3 ounces, so please continue to pray for weight gain and wisdom with what to feed this girl. Some days are good days and some aren't, so pray that God would give us patience also.

Thanks for being so faithful to pray!!!!

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Agnes said...

Ever since you asked for advice I've been trying to think of foods Hudson likes that you might try...especially high fat/calorie foods! I'm sure you've tried peanut butter...what about yogurt? Hudson loves it. We do low fat b/c we all eat it, but you could get a full fat version and add ground flax seed and almond meal (or whatever they call it) for even more healthy fats. We also add fruit and (uncooked) oats. Hudson also eats cottage cheese with applesauce or fruit. Quesadilla (with salsa!)? Tuna sandwiches (it kind of surprises me that he likes this!)? We used to feed him black beans...I just drain a can and he would eat them...they didn't even need to be heated! Good luck! I'll keep praying!

So glad things are going well with Mia's fine motor skills. It makes me realize we should work on writing...that's not something we do very often!

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