Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mia weighed in at 21 pounds 14 ounces today, she's climbing in the right direction again! Thank you Lord. She is one smart cookie, which is really exciting to us since they never imagined she'd do this well. She's into words these days and has lots of flashcards that she likes to practice with. She knows quite a few words and can occasionally get individual letters in the right order for words. In fact, Grandma was helping me today and said that she left her in the office with her toys and when she came back she had spelled ELMO with her alphabet puzzle. I then asked her to spell CAR, but she didn't get that in the right order, so I think it is luck sometimes, but it is something she enjoys, so we keep challenging her with it. :)

I'm feeling a little better, but I notice when I am walking around too much that the same feeling/pain comes back and then I make sure I take a rest for awhile. I think I just overused my muscles and they are going to need a little more time to heal. :( Thanks for praying for me and Brother!

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