Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mia is feeling much better and is eating much better. She weighed in at 22 pounds this morning, and I feel like we will soon be heading in the right direction again. :) She still has a cough, so pray that it would disappear, it has slowly been getting better.

Today at therapy she was walking quite a bit and yesterday she started doing what I call a mogley crawl, you know, from the Jungle Book...it's very cute, we'll have to get it on video.

Brother is 30 weeks today, he is doing great...kicking and moving all the time. Brad thinks there is an earthquake in my tummy sometimes. Mia is very excited to meet her brother and willingly gives him kisses. We were discussing how she can teach him so many things she already knows and she got very excited about that. Hopefully she'll feel the same love for him when he actually comes.

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