Friday, June 18, 2010

Plugging Along...

There isn't really anything new to report. Mia continues to eat really well, her cough is officially gone, so I think she is finally over her sickness. Of course, now Daddy has it. :(

All she wants to do lately is "walk". Of course, she mostly wants to hold my hand while she is walking, but I am encouraged that she wants to do more of it. And I do see improvement in her walking, so I know as she continues to get stronger, she'll keep getting better. That's exciting!

She got her first pair of prescription sunglasses today. I asked her if she liked them and she said, "yeah". She does appear to like them, so this should help quite a bit for when we are outside in the sun. We'll still wear a hat too, but this will be even better.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy their father's day weekend!

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