Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blood Draw

Mia had to have her blood drawn today because our GI doctor wants to run a blood panel to make sure she is absorbing nutrients like she should be. We have a guy we take Mia to because in general he is really good and can draw her blood fairly quickly. So, I called to make sure Mike was there, and he was, and we went over this morning. She needed quite a bit of blood and she tends to clot fairly easily, so I was anxious, but just kept praying the whole time. He got her blood drawn fairly quickly and it was just the exact right amount when she started to clot. Praise God! And such a relief for this mommy. There were lots of tears, but both Mia and Bear got a band aid for being so brave and we quickly forgot about it as we were driving away. Thanks for praying! I'll be curious to see what comes about from this blood panel. Pray for wisdom for her doctor in assessing the next step.

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