Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Not Celiac?!

We met with a GI doctor today regarding Mia's celiac diagnosis. He does not think she is celiac. He is still concerned about her loose stools and frequency of stools and he wants to do a blood panal to see if there is a metabolic disorder that we are missing. The other thought is that this might be related to all of her intestinal issues, so he is going to do some research there, hopefully ruling out that as an issue. This will change quite a few things if she really isn't celiac. It would make our life easier, but we will do whatever needs to be done for her to have normal bowel movements and proper weight gain. She's right back at 22 pounds today, it is such a fight to get that scale to move in the right direction! Pray for wisdom and direction as we go from here on this neverending ( or at least that's how I feel sometimes ) journey!

Pray for our blood draw tomorrow morning, that it would go quickly and easily.

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