Saturday, July 24, 2010

One More Thing...

With everything that was going on yesterday, I forgot the cutest story of the day. After Mia woke up from anesthesia she was rather unhappy and wanted something to eat and drink, she first signed milk and then immediately signed cracker. Well, they didn't want to give her milk, so her only choices were apple juice or water. Both of them were not on her "I want" list, so she was really upset when I tried to give her water. At that point she no longer wanted anything to drink, she only wanted a cracker. Of course, they are scared to give you food before you drink anything, so Brad went downstairs to find some milk, hoping she would take that first. She was extremely upset by that point that she wasn't getting a cracker. I'm super grateful that her nurse decided to bend the rules and got her two different crackers, a graham cracker and a saltine. She inhaled them, I told her to go slow, but she was so hungry at that point...I've never seen her eat so fast ever. :) And then she was done, her tummy was happier and she didn't want anything to drink regardless, even the milk that Brad brought back. In fact, she didn't drink anything the rest of the night, but she did eat some dinner. I wasn't too worried because they had pumper her full of a bunch of fluids before we left. :)

She's back to her regular self this morning, you wouldn't even have guessed she'd been through all of that yesterday. Praise God!

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