Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today Mia went to the dentist. Her teeth look really good, she didn't have fun with the cleaning process, but they are really quick about it. One of our concerns is that she has started to grind her teeth more lately, but her dentist said it's very common and we shouldn't make a big fuss about it. The irony is that she doesn't do it when she sleeps, it's something she does during the day, lots of times without realizing it. It's a bad habit. :) I guess we all have a few of those.

After the dentist we met some other moms and went to story time a at a local bookstore. Mia immediately was more interested in the books around her than the actual story that was happening. It was nice to take her somewhere that wasn't a doctor/school appointment, we will definitely have to do that more often.

This afternoon Brother got checked out and he's doing just fine. He's head down ready to go when the time is right, which isn't for another month or so. We are still planning on a VBAC, so you can be praying that the delivery would go smoothly without any complications.

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