Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Brother

So today was my day for another check-up with Brother. I'm 38 weeks and he is still head down, but hasn't dropped down at all. At this point, my doctor is not super hopeful that he is going to drop down. She said that next week we will see what happens and if there is still no change, we'll start talking about a repeat c-section. I do not want another c-section, but at the same time, I have completely given this over to God. I want to trust His ultimate plan for Brother's birth. He can make Brother drop down if He chooses or not, I'm completely ok with either way.

We got the results of Mia's biopsy back today. Her intestines are great, there was no inflammation at all, so they are super confident that she is not Celiac. She did have some slight inflammation of her esophagus and think that might be due to some reflux. Since she has been doing a bit better with eating/gaining weight since we've been loading her up on iron, they don't want to add in any reflux medicine yet. We'll see her doctor in another month and then decide if we need to do that. And they did say that it was very minor irritation, so more than likely she won't need anything for that.

Today she got a package from her cousin (Brad and I were discussing how it was from his cousin's wife, so does that make it Mia's second cousin or first cousin once removed in-law...heheheheh :) ). It doesn't matter, what matters is that it had big foamy letters for the bath tub and she was in alphabet heaven all evening long. She even took the "Big Red H" to bed. We know she's obsessed, but we think it's adorable. :)

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I love the new photo of Mia on your blog!


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