Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picking a Name

When I was pregnant with Mia, we decided early on that if she were a girl she would be named Mia. We struggled the rest of the pregnancy with coming up with a boy's name. I don't know why picking a boy's name is so hard, but for us it is. If she had been a boy, she would have been named Jeremiah. We think she's definitely a Mia. So, when we found out that I was pregnant with Calvin again we struggled with boy names. We had a whole slew of girl names picked out and if Calvin had been a girl, he was going to be named Savannah. Since we decided to find out this time if we were having a boy or a girl, I thought that would help us pick a name easier...not so much, especially since he was a boy. We scoured baby name books endlessly. For awhile, Maximus was Brad's pick and I really liked Max, but I did not want my child named Maximus. And I know quite a few people were thinking Max would be great with Mia and I think we were leaning towards that up until the last week or so of the pregnancy. I remember having a conversation with Brad, a few weeks before, and I said, I need a name, I can't wait until he's born...what do you think of Max, can we just go with that? And he was slightly, then I decided that Mia should pick, we'd narrow the list down to 3 names and she could the list got narrowed down to Max, Jeremiah (yes, it resurfaced), and Jet. She picked Jet. In my heart I wasn't ready for a Jet, so I had her pick again, this time Max. I thought we should settle on Max. Mia even picked it on her 2nd try...

Brad's parents went to their family reunion the early part of August and we couldn't come because it was in Florida and I was too far along in the pregnancy. Well, Nana thought it would be fun for everyone to come up with their picks for a baby name. And I must say, there was quite a list! I was impressed that everyone participated so well! Well, Nana compiled the list and sent it to us and we got a chance to ponder some "other" names. I for sure thought that none of them would make it to our list, but one of them did...Calvin. Brad said, I really like the name Calvin, and I thought, hmm...that's a nice name. Ok, we can add it to the list. So at that point we agreed to wait until he arrived to decide...and we didn't discuss, we both had time to think and we looked at each other and said, what do you think? And I said, I think he looks like a Calvin...of which, Brad totally thought the same. And there it was...a name.

Calvin David...Calvin because that's what he looks like and David after his Grampapa. So, thanks cousin Bob for the suggestion! He's definitely a Calvin.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

What a cute story! It's great that everybody pitched in to help name your little boy. Thanks for sharing.

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