Saturday, November 20, 2010


So we finally got a chance to make it out to an appointment for Mia to get started in the MARE program. It isn't official where they are going to put her, she will be evaluated by their OT next week, but if she qualifies she will be put in one of their hippotherapy classes. We would love for that class because it is 2 kids to 1 teacher while the general classes are 6 kids to 1 teacher. We will find out more next Tuesday.

We didn't know how Mia would react to a real live horse. She loves animals, but there is a big difference in a tiny, stuffed animal and actual size one. She was slightly tentative at first, but within no time at all she lost any fear she had. In a way that is good, but also not, but there is alot of training to respect the animal as part of the classes, so I think she will learn how to be careful around these animals.

Needless to say, she did not want to leave. :) I kind of didn't want to leave either, horses are such neat creatures.

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