Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time Flies

So, I wanted to blog on Thursday and then before I knew it, it was Friday. Then I wanted to blog on Friday and now it's Saturday...when did it almost become Thanksgiving???? I love the cooler weather, I especially love a cup of hot cocoa during this time. Time has been going so quickly, but I still feel like I'm in survival mode most of the time. I haven't completely adjusted to having two kids and I feel kind of inadequate at times. I feel like I should have adjusted by now, but I haven't. I guess that's why I haven't noticed it's almost Thanksgiving, because I'm just trying to make it through each day. One of these days it will get easier, in fact, it already of these days, I will feel like I have adjusted. I'm looking forward to that day.

So, what have we been doing? Thursday we were supposed to go out to MARE to have Mia evaluated for their hippo therapy (horse therapy) program, but the gal who was evaluating her had an emergency and had to cancel. We were really disappointed because Brad had the day off and we were looking forward to him being able to partake in the adventure too. So, we are waiting to hear back from them to reschedule her evaluation.

Then, yesterday we went to a local pediatric opthamologist. A friend recommended him and I thought we'd try it out because I'd rather not drive to LA if I don't have too...I liked him alot, he noticed Mia's lazy left eye immediately and said that we can first try to patch her right eye to force her to use her left eye and see if that helps, and if it doesn't, then the second thing would be a surgery to loosen the muscle to allow her eye to turn inward normally. He recommended we still go see our LA opthamologist and get a second opinion from them and then decide what to do. So, we'll be patching her eye for the next few months and PRAYING that it makes a difference because we don't want her to have another surgery if she doesn't need one. So, we'd love any other prayers for her too.

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