Thursday, November 04, 2010

November already?!

I can't believe it's November...and it's been November for several days now, but it just hit me today that in a few short weeks it will be Thanksgiving. Wow. We have been super busy as always. Mia is adjusting to her new school and loves it. I admit I had some Mommy worries before starting her there and I almost didn't want her to go because I didn't know how she would do, but I am so glad that she is there. Her teacher is wonderful, a perfect fit for Mia. First off, she signs. That's huge for us because so much of Mia's communication is through signs. Her teacher told me today that she has been signing the songs during circle time and she sees how Mia watches her so intently and is trying to do the signs herself. Her teacher doesn't have to do it, but does it for Mia. I'm just so grateful that she's in this particular class with this particular teacher!

We saw a different pediatric neurologist last week and he observed Mia for a short time and diagnosed her as having Encephalopathy with Disorganization. The short of it is that she has brain damage with non-fluid movements. She doesn't move smoothly like we do. He also called it Clumsy Child Syndrome. We felt like he was spot on with his observations of Mia. He said that kids like Mia will do really well with as much early therapy intervention as possible. He also said that kids like Mia relate much better to animals then people and that any kind of animal therapy we can do for her will do wonders. So, we have an appointment next Thursday to go out to a local program called Mare and have them evaluate her for their horse therapy program. I've wanted to do this for some time, but have held back because we have such a busy schedule, but it sounds like this will be worth the amount of time we invest in it, so we're going to see what happens. You can be praying for our evaluation, she may or may not qualify for the therapy program, I'm hoping she does. If she doesn't qualify, then she can still be involved in another program, it just wouldn't have an occupational therapist working with them. We'll see what happens.

How's Calvin? A trooper...poor little guy gets carted everywhere, but he seems to be doing ok with it...and one of these days he'll get on a schedule...


9ndhouse- Katie said...

Hello! I'm so glad to finally internet again and see how Mia has grown! She is very cute! and another baby! Sweet! I've been praying for ya'll and glad to see God has blessed you greatly!!

Our Family said...

I have a friend whose daughter goes to MARE and she loves it. If you have questions I can connect you two!

Cory Marcoux

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