Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Months Already?!

It is hard to believe we have a 4 month old. Calvin is growing up so quick. Today he weighed in at 13 pounds 10 ounces. He's gained an inch in length this month also. I knew he was getting bigger because his sleeves were getting shorter! :). Having Calvin has made me realize how normal Mia was as a baby. It's been 4 months and Calvin is getting stronger and more aware, but he pretty much still just eats, sleeps, and messes his diaper. I was always worried because Mia slept so much in the NICU those first 10 weeks, but now I am realizing she was just being a baby. It's been very eye opening to me. I've realized that my babies need sleep. Some kids can survive on less, but mine need their rest. After Calvin is up for an hour or so he becomes rather grumpy because he needs that sleep. Mia was exactly the same way, lots of sleep. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because I sure enjoy my sleep too!

Calvin got another shot today, we've chosen to slow down the shot process and give them one at a time. We wanted to do this for several reasons, mostly because if there were a reaction, how would you know which shot caused it? Anyway, he was a trooper! So, I was going to take pictures this morning, but he was cranky, so I will post some this evening after I take some.

Thanks for all your prayers for our babies! We are so grateful!

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