Saturday, December 18, 2010

All Is Calm...

We are sort of settling into a routine these days. I'm so grateful for the help and support I get from the grandparents, it has made our lives so much easier and we are thankful! It gives Calvin a chance to not have to go everywhere as the grandparents shuttle Mia back and forth between various therapies and school. Calvin says thank you too!

Today we went to the Christmas party at MARE. They had some fun activities for the kids to do, decorating cookies, coloring horses, face painting...and of course Santa. When we got there we parked right next to Santa and he ducked down in his car, oops, I mean sleigh...because he didn't want Mia to see him, I don't think she would have any clue who he was if she had seen him, we just don't talk about Santa much in our house. This is the first year she has really enjoyed all the Christmas decorations. Anyway, we had a great time at MARE and now we have a break for a few weeks because they follow the school schedule and don't do sessions during Christmas.

Yesterday, Mia was playing with several different magnetic alphabet sets that we have and she noticed that she has 3 of each letter. So, she was asking for 3 A's, 3 B's, 3 C's, etc. and I would hunt over the house to find them and bring them to her. When we got to the G, she already had 1 and she looked at me and held up 2 fingers and then signed the word "more". 2 more! How awesome is that, the girl can count! I thought that was great that she is beginning to have a better understanding of numbers. Way to make your math teacher mommy proud!

We just continue to be amazed at God's goodness in her life and how He continues to grow her beyond what was expected of her. We are forever grateful for that.

Here are some more photos of the kiddos...

Decorating cookies at MARE.

Snug as a bug in a rug in my winter snowsuit!

Decorating a horse!

Daddy's #1 Fan

Hold me close Daddy, I love you!
(Hey, there's Uncle Tim and Aunt Rachel in the background!)

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