Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MARE and More

Mia continues to ride her horse Sally at MARE and loves it. They have it set up where she has to put different colored rings on different colored poles. Anything that is a game is fun for her. They also have her speaking more, which is great too. I've noticed that she is trying to be more verbal at home also. She asks me for "Bu-Ne" crackers all the time, she's even signing longer sentences, she can now put 5 signs together at a time. Today at MARE they had the horses step over poles and the first time it was quite a shock for Mia because they said she had quite the surprised look on her face.

At physical therapy Mia now can step over something herself, this is huge because it requires quite a bit of strength to lift your leg over something while maintaining your balance. It's great to see her getting stronger.

Something I find amusing is when I ask her what color plate she wants for dinner or which hair clips in her hair, she now has to have one of her animals pick it out. In fact, they do everything for her. At therapy yesterday she wasn't too interested in doing the activity until her "red bird" asked her to do it. She does love her animals.

Calvin is getting bigger and stronger every day. He attempts to communicate more, but it sounds more like a screechy bird.


Eliza said...

Glad it's going so well!

Anonymous said...

Becca is exactly the same way about her animal...they often get treatments and IV's

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