Sunday, December 05, 2010


I can't believe it's December! We put our Christmas tree up a few days ago because I realized if we didn't do it now, we wouldn't be able to enjoy it for the maximum amount of time. :) We still haven't finished decorating it, but at least it's up! I've also put out a few other Christmas items, but I'm choosing to do less this year just because I don't have the motivation to do more. Mia's favorite is the nativity set and she is now tall enough to reach it on the table in our entryway, so we have to remind her it isn't for playing with. Mostly she'll just go over there and get on her tiptoes and stare at it, every so often she'll try to move the pieces around.

Calvin is now a 13 pounder! He was sick a few weeks ago and hadn't gained any weight for awhile, so I'm happy to say he's back to gaining. It's hard enough having 1 kid who won't gain weight, so I'm hoping he continues to be a good eater and keeps growing well. The pediatrician commented that he was "long and skinny", so I guess that's what we produce...long, skinny kids. :)

Mia has started reading her books to us at night instead of us reading to her. It's so cute. She doesn't say the words completely, but she gets the rhythm of the story right. One of her favorite ones to read is, "Mr Brown Can Moo Can You" by Dr Seuss, we have to get it on video because it is so cute. She'll say, "Mia" because she wants to read it herself and then she'll read each of the pages. I just love it! Keep praying for more sounds, my desire is for her to be able to communicate better. We are grateful that she keeps making progress.

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