Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Breathing Treatments

So we've been doing Mia's breathing treatments for 3 days now. We started on Saturday evening and she did not want to wear the pediatric mask that goes with the treatment. Well, I remember when we were in the PICU and she had some albuterol (spelling?) treatments for her pneumonia that they just sprayed it in her mouth and nose region and said that she breathes in enough for them to be happy with, so we did that on Saturday evening. She actually didn't cough all night, so on Sunday evening we tried decorating her mask and again she didn't want to use it, so we just sprayed the treatment in her face region and again, no coughing. Well, last night Daddy got to her to put the mouthpiece in her mouth for her treatment and we were excited because that was a step in the right direction we thought...until Daddy went to read her two books before bed and she was so hyper! She started crying when he was ready to leave and I went in there and laid with her for an hour while she calmed down, she was really jittery, poor thing! That was too much treatment!! Since it was working the other way and she wasn't hyper like this, we are going back to the old way. Of course now I have all these questions because it is working, like how long do we do it for, etc. I don't want to medicate my child if it isn't necessary, I guess it will be a trial and error thing to sort out how much and when she needs it. But, it is working.

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