Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy 7 Months Calvin! (1 day early...)

I can't believe Calvin will be 7 months tomorrow. He's changed so much in the past month it's been neat to watch. He now rolls over consistently and can almost sit on his own. I can see him so desperately wanting to crawl when something is out of reach, I know that will happen fairly soon. He screeches less these days and babbles much more, that is a very nice change! He loves to be in his jumper or in his walker, I think he just really likes to be upright mostly. He's learning how to eat finger foods, absolutely hates any type of mushy food (I did try a few on him). One of his favorite things to eat is toasted bread. He's tried apple, carrot, banana, rice crackers, and bread...He likes to eat, so I don't think we'll have any problems with him later on.

So, this month we made some major changes with his sleeping routines. Our nights were getting worse and worse, he went from sleeping 5-6 hour stretches back to 1-2. It was almost worse than when he was a baby, if that's even possible. I kept thinking he would sort it out, but he didn't. After talking with our new pediatrician and reading many sleep books, we decided to change a few things. We started a bedtime routine where it didn't end in me nursing him to sleep. So now he gets a bottle and nursing time an hour before bed, then 20 minutes before bed we go into his room and calm things down, he gets a diaper change, a tiny massage, and a little bit of holding while we sing quietly to him and tell him it's night time. He's then put in his crib totally awake with a blue blankie and he'll fall right to sleep. He cried the first few nights we did it, but now he doesn't cry at all, just falls straight to sleep AND he sleeps so much better at night, we are back to our 5-6 hour stretches. We then did some changes for nap time, but he just can't seem to sleep past 30-45 minutes, so we are working on a nap routine now and also trying to get his naps on a consistent schedule. We are hoping that things will change in a few weeks here.

The little guy keeps getting bigger, the last time I checked he was 16 pounds 8 ounces, I'm sure he is heavier now. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our cutie pie.

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