Friday, March 25, 2011

So we've been very busy with family, which is great, but it doesn't leave much time for blogging. :) So a quick update, Mia is doing well, her speech continues to improve, almost daily, it's amazing. A miracle. She loves to go outside and is so distraught when we go back in. Today after speech therapy, Grandma promised her a walk in the neighborhood. She was so excited and I said that maybe Calvin and I would join them on the walk. Well, they started off ahead of us as I got Calvin ready for the walk, we then caught up to them at the end of the block. When Mia saw us she was so upset, there were quite a few words that came out of her mouth and I understood the gist of it as she said...blah blah blah, Mama, blah blah, Alvin, blah blah blah...and pointed "home" for us. She didn't want to share her walk with us, she wanted us to go home. She eventually was ok with it, but it made me smile, the girl knows what she wants.

Calvin is doing great too, he now can get quite a few places by rolling, but still prefers being held. If I walk into the room he gives me a huge smile and of course then fusses and gets upset if I walk away without getting him. He tried cantaloupe the other night and loved it. And today we had some success with mushed bananas.

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