Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

We have a roller who is very proud of himself as he moves throughout the room. Of course he doesn't like getting stuck under the couch. This happened once and hopefully he's learned from it. He also has started to enjoy his walker as it gets him places too.

I found out that Mia gets teary every time they go out to play because they go down the same ramp that I pick her up at and when they are getting their jackets on she says, "mama, mama", and they have to tell her "not now, in a little bit.". Makes my mama heart a little sad.

I also found out that several boys really like Mia, one in particular who was also in her previous class at her other school. He gets so excited when we get to school and says, Mia! Apparently he tries to hold her hand at school, Daddy's a bit concerned. :)

We've switched to a new pediatrician and I'm very happy so far. We saw her regarding Mia's breathing treatments and she'd like to try a few different things first before doing more breathing treatments since it looks like her cough is allergy related, not asthma. We are holding off doing anything because we are seeing an allergist Monday and she would like to hear his opinion also.

Mia continues to speak more and more, thank you God. She can now say "out" very clearly. And I notice her saying the correct consonant at ends of words, like "hat or boot", which she used to leave off. We are working on beginning consonant sounds too, but she's improving which is so wonderful!

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