Friday, April 08, 2011

More Teeth

Calvin's top two teeth started poking through today. I'm hoping that was the reason he was up so much last night. We've all been in the same room, Mia, Calvin, and myself, so every time he fusses, Mia stirs. I don't think she has gotten very good sleep these past 3 nights, so this morning she fell asleep in Grandma's arms in the rocking chair and now she is down for her nap early. We have some different thoughts for sleeping arrangements so I hope she gets better sleep here tonight. And I hope Calvin does too.

The local elementary school has a carnival this evening, so we are going to go tonight (assuming Mia is up to it) with her second cousins. We went to the store yesterday and Mia got the most perfect toy one could imagine for her. It's a train puzzle, about 10 feet long, that is the ABC's with a different animal in each car. Except for U and X, they put an umbrella for U with a cat under it and a fox for X. I thought they could've been a little more creative, but oh well, she loves it. And she can now say "bear" perfectly.

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