Thursday, April 07, 2011


So we made it safely to North Dakota. Mia and Calvin both did great on the trip. In fact, Mia probably had the most fun with Grandma Cheri's airplane activities. Believe it or not, but some play dough kept her entertained for hours and it wasn't very messy. The most difficult point was catching our connecting plane in Minneapolis, we had to go from G to B and we had just under an hour to do it. We were practically running, Calvin liked it as I had him in my wrap. And I did get some good exercise at that point. Anyway, we are happy to be here safe.

Mia warmed right up to Great Grandma and she's been playing with her magnets and having her read her books. She loves that Great Grandma doesn't mind if she plays with most of her stuff. She carries her letters and cards all around the house. Great Grandma commented that Mia is "so busy". Calvin just loves being able to roll around again.

Before we left I weighed Mia and she's now 25 pounds! So excited, thank you Lord for growing her bigger.

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