Monday, April 04, 2011

A Quick Trip

We had a quick trip to LA today, we left at 8 and were back by 12:30. That is really quick. :) Calvin was a trooper and his new car time limit is 4 hours. I guess that means we could officially make a trip to San Diego if we wanted to. Anyway, we went to see Mia's ENT doctor and she's doing great. She's had a blocked tear duct for awhile and his thought is that because her nostril is blocked and not draining properly, that could be overflowing into the tear duct and causing it to be blocked. The plan is for her to have the surgery to unblock her nostril next summer, so we'll just keep monitoring her until then. I was super sad to learn that he is retiring...I knew it was on the horizon, I was just hoping it would be after her surgery. I asked if we should push it ahead to this summer for him to do it and he said that at this point he wouldn't do it, he says it's too much of a job for him and he'd prefer someone younger to do it. I like that he was realistic about his abilities and so we'll now be meeting some of the other ENT's from Children's and then deciding if we want to go with one of them or find someone else. We've got plenty of time to work on that though.

On Wednesday, I (Lisa) am taking the kids with Grandma Cheri and we are flying to North Dakota to see my grandma, their great-grandma. You can pray that we'd have a safe trip and everything would go smoothly. I'm so excited for her to meet Calvin and to see Mia again (it's been several years) and I'm just excited to see her myself. So, if we go really quiet on the blog for a little while, that's why. We'll try to update, but I don't know that I'll get a chance there.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

It's always nice to know when a physician knows his limits. I'm sorry he's retiring, but I'm sure he'll leave you in good hands. Good luck on your trip!