Saturday, May 14, 2011

And He Crawls

Yes, Calvin tried a bit of crawling this morning. I'm not going to classify him as a full blown crawler yet, but we are moving out of the Flowerpot Stage, which makes me so know, the stage where you put them down and they stay put and play with the toys around them, the Flowerpot Stage. He's only crawled a few times today, but I'm sure in the next week he'll be quite an expert at it.

Mia got weighed again today and she's holding her own at 26 pounds. I've been reading some about gastroparesis (a slower emptying stomach) and one of their recommendations is to replace a meal with pediasure because it empty's quicker as a liquid. Since she's been drinking the pediasure she's been gaining weight, so we are going to stick to it for awhile. I'd love to see her catch back up to her growth curve, which is still below the growth curve. :)

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