Friday, May 13, 2011

Another LA Trip

Yesterday we were back in LA for two different doctor visits. Daddy went with us, so that was really nice that I didn't have to drive. Our first appointment was for Calvin with the Neurosurgeon to evaluate his head shape. Great news, he is just fine. The doctor was very satisfied with his head and did not think that would we should be concerned in any way. Thank you God! After that appointment we had a third opinion on Mia's eyes by another ophthamologist. His recommendation is that we do eye surgery on her muscles to correct her lazy left eye. His ultimate concern is for her binocular vision (depth perception, etc), you get that when your eyes are working together appropriately, so if you have a lazy eye, then you can have issues with balance and depth perception. The good news is that her eyes work well together at close objects, so there is some binocular vision working, just not all of it. Anyway, he thinks we should do the surgery in the next 6 months, so we have tentatively scheduled a date for that in september, but we'd like to research and pray about it before we ultimately go ahead with it. So, if you know anyone who has had children who've had that surgery, we'd love to talk to them about their experience. And of course you can be praying for wisdom on our part also.

On a different note, today Calvin got himself into sitting for the first time. He's been up on four's for awhile now, and we think he's getting closer to crawling, but Mia's physical therapist told me they usually get into sitting before they crawl, so I was expecting that to happen one of these days. And today was the day.

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