Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More GI Stuff

So, we saw Mia's GI doctor today and got the results from her stomach emptying test. She does empty slower than we do, she empties 1/3 less than what we do in a given time period. This explains why she doesn't eat as much since she probably feels full more often than we do. She also has some reflux, there were 3 episodes during the 90 minute test. This explains why she has episodes of throwing up, or at least why she did in the past. There are some surgical procedures to correct both of these issues, but at this point there isn't a need since she is gaining weight (praise God she is now 26 pounds!) and the vomiting only happens very rarely. But, if these were to become issues as she gets older, there are some options for her.

We then talked about Calvin because I have been concerned about him having reflux for awhile now. He agrees with me and thinks Calvin does have reflux based on some of the things I have mentioned, but still thinks he has some time to outgrow it. Although most babies have outgrown it by his age, he says to wait until he's about a year to reassess. There is some medicine we could try for it, but I opted to wait a little bit to see how he does on his own.

One thing about Calvin that I've noticed lately is that at night he always sleeps on his tummy. Ever since he could flip over, he's been doing it on his own. He's been a horrible napper in the day, napping at most for 30 minutes, unless I nap with him or hold him and so it hit me the other day to try putting him on his tummy for his nap. Apparently that's it. He'll now take an hour and half nap in his crib. I've read that babies with reflux sleep better on their tummies and so this makes alot of sense.

Just yesterday Calvin started getting up on all fours. He hasn't gotten into sitting himself yet, so I think we have a little time until he's crawling, but we are definitely getting closer and it will probably happen real soon.

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