Monday, June 13, 2011


Today we had a special visit from friends from Chicago. Crystal, Gwendolyn, and Elliot came over to play with us for awhile. It took Mia a little bit to warm up to Gwendolyn, who is also 3, but then they were two peas in a pod, having so much fun together. In fact, she cried after they left because her friend was gone. It's neat to see her enjoy playing with other kids her age. Elliot is one month behind Calvin, so that was a lot of fun for them too. It's interesting how God connects our lives to others, I'm not sure I would have developed the friendship I have with Crystal if Mia hadn't gone through all she has. Crystal and her family have been huge prayer warriors for Mia and we are so grateful. I love how the family of believers works that way...I don't think I will ever stop being in awe of that. The other neat thing is that Crystal is an optometrist and I was able to sit down and chat with her quite a bit about Mia's potential eye surgery and she gave me quite a bit of food for thought. I don't feel such a pressure that this has to be taken care of immediately. Earlier this week I talked with another mom who's son has eye issues also and she referred me to a different doctor at UCLA, so we are going to try to get an appointment with him for another opinion. Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for us on what is best for Mia.

Thank you Crystal, Gwendolyn, and Elliot for a fun afternoon!!!

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