Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dr Seuss

Mia can't get enough of Dr Seuss. She loves all of his books and lately has been interested in words that rhyme. She thinks that's neat. One of her favorite Dr Seuss books is Fox in Socks. It starts off "This book is dangerous, go slowly." And that is true! It's a tongue twister. But she loves it. I love hearing her try to read the book. Daddy got it on video this morning, so we'll have to get it on the blog for you to see. Mia's speech therapist is so impressed with how well she is doing. She's come a long way since last fall. We know it is because of God and want to give Him all the praise and glory.

Mia's been holding her weight at 26 pounds, which is really good for her. We keep drinking the pediasure and that does seem to be helping.

Calvin has started to get up on his knees, he can even crawl up stairs (we don't have stairs, but he did this at Mia's physical therapy today). And the cutest thing he does is a very nice downward dog (Rachel S, you would be so impressed!). If only I had the camera ready at the exact time to get a picture of it. I will try.

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