Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Wow, it's June! This is Mia's last week of regular school and then next week she starts summer school. It's a four week program and then she'll have six weeks off until next year. We've been so pleased with her speech progress lately, it's awesome. She still struggles with some major sounds, but we see progress little by little and we are grateful! Praise God for that! One example is that she now can say the w sound, which she could do before, it's neat to hear her say "whale" and she says it so nicely.

We've been doing the miralax for a few weeks now and I'm noticing a tiny improvement. I'm not sure that I still have it at the correct dosage for her, but we can tweak it here or there. She's holding her weight at 26 pounds and we are encouraging her to eat as much as we think she can, but recognizing that her tummy might really be full and she might not be hungry. It's a fine balance to figure out. We also continue to stretch her and I must say it is easier with her older because we can talk about what I'm going to do and it hasn't been traumatic at all, so thank you for praying for that too!

We still are hoping to talk to some other people who have had eye surgery because of a lazy eye. So, if you know anyone who's done that, we'd love to be put into contact with them. I'm just so confused with everything I read online about it because there are so many differing views.

Calvin just got a couple more teeth on the bottom and he's been quite the mama's boy. We are working on transitioning him to more soft table foods, but he doesn't like to touch certain textures, so it's making it a bit difficult. I love seeing him take interest in different toys than Mia, he's definitely a boy...he loves to spin wheels around on cars and toys and he loves rolling balls and chasing them.

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Erica S. said...

Hi - I met you at Jason and Elyce's house and follow your blog. I have some info. on the lazy eye surgery if you want to chat. We go to UCLA often for our son. Tell Elyce (she will know who I am) to give you my info. - Erica S.

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