Sunday, July 17, 2011


I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. Time has gotten away from me! We've been super busy and enjoyed a day up at Pokey Pastures (Jarrett and Dorothy's place in Palmdale). Their kids are raising some sheep and pigs for the fair and so we got to see them. Mia really enjoyed the pigs, she thought they were great.

Mia finished up a couple of weeks of vision therapy and now we are starting a home treatment program. This way I can work with her at home and then we just check in once a month for updates and more suggestions. One of the things they have her doing is looking at images through 3D glasses where the whole image is seen with both eyes, but if you aren't using both eyes then you can only see part of it. That's been fairly effective and we've notice her eyes being more aligned when she's doing this.

This evening when I tucked Mia into bed, she climbed on and flopped onto all her stuffed animals (she's not very good at maneuvering herself into where she should be in bed)...anyway, she then said, "You do not sleep on your animals." I thought that was very cute. And then after we read her two books it was time to say prayers and she wanted to say them tonight. That's a first for me. She said, "Dear God, thank you for mommy, daddy, Mia"...and then alot of unintelligible stuff. I thought it was so cute that she prayed for herself. She's developing quite a personality these days.

Calvin is just trying to keep up, everything that sissy does, well, he wants to do too. He's been free standing for a few moments lately, it's just a matter of time before he starts walking. He'll push whatever he can and walk behind it, like chairs and garbage cans...and of course, he'll try to eat anything, like the cat food tonight. That's our little guy.

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