Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 11 Months Calvin!

Our sweet baby boy is 11 months today. What an 11 months it has been! He now will stand for a few moments without holding on to anything, walking is just around the corner. He also has no fear, he would represent the brand well, as he climbs on any and everything he can and then is so upset when I take him off and tell him no. Calvin weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces this morning, only one more month and he'll graduate to his big boy car seat and that will make sissy very happy. He won't be right next to her then and the more distance, the better.

Calvin's favorite activities are noisy. Screeching, intermixed with sweet babbling, banging toys, least favorite is when he takes these plastic balls that separate in half and rubs then on the tile floor to produce a noise similar to nails on a chalkboard...ah, the joys of a boy.

Calvin also loves to eat, praise God! He probably eats what is normal for any child, but I'm so used to the bird like amounts that Mia eats, that it surprises me when so much food fits in his tummy. But he is a great eater and will eat almost anything I put on his tray. I know he doesn't like something if I see him taking it and dropping it off the side of his chair onto the floor...because if he likes it, he eats it no problem.

Calvin also loves to be naked. He has never liked clothes from day 1, I can't wait until he can talk and tell me what he doesn't like about them. We have a neighbor kid that runs around naked outside all the time and I wonder why his parents let him do that, I can now see myself as that parent in a few years, God has quite the sense of humor, huh!

Usually I find Mia and Calvin like this...

I love it when I find them like this...

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