Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Calvin has been taking steps for a few days now. He doesn't get far before he plops down, but he's definitely walking!

Today we saw Mia's GI doctor and he's happy that she's now 27 pounds. We discussed quite a few of our concerns. Mia is gaining weight because she's pretty much drinking her meals these days and he agreed that it is ok until we catch her up to her original growth curve (1 more pound), but then he'd like to see us do less liquids and more regular foods. She has some gagging problems where she'll end up losing her meal if she gets the food in the wrong spot in her mouth, so he's going to see about us seeing a feeding therapist down at another Children's Hospital in Orange County. He really likes their program and he's going to talk to them to see if it's worthwhile for us to go down there for a visit. Maybe they have some more insight on what's happening in her mouth and why she struggles so much with chewing her food and swallowing.

And then lastly, we discussed doing an MRI of Mia's back and spinal cord. I've joined an online group of other parents with kids who were born without an anal opening and in talking with them I've learned that it's not uncommon to have spinal issues along with not having an anal opening. She never had an MRI of her back done, so I think it might be in her best interest just to make sure nothing else is going on. We are also going to talk to our neurologist and see about getting an MRI of her brain also done at the same time because that's something he's always been interested in seeing, but hasn't had any justification to put her under to have it done. So, some potential things on the horizon for us.

Just so grateful that Mia is gaining weight and Calvin is right on target with his development. Thank you for continuing to pray!!! Praise God for all He has done!!!

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