Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fair

Yesterday we took the kids to the fair. They had a blast. Of course we hit up all the animals first and I was slightly disappointed when I realized that alot of the animals weren't actually there yet because the owners were still getting them to the fair, but then realized that it wasn't too hard to walk in there and there was just enough animals to make the kids happy, so I guess it was a good thing. We got to see a calf right after it was born, so sweet...walking around on it's wobbly newborn legs. And they had a petting zoo with so many animals in it, even a deer, several llamas, a wallaby, and a pig. Along with many goats and sheep...Mia was in animal heaven and Calvin too. Brad kept trying to show Mia the other animals, like the pig, but she kept saying, "look at the goat daddy"...she really could have cared less about the exotic animals. :) We had a great time!

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