Friday, October 14, 2011


Today we were in LA for a couple doctor appointments. The first was with a doctor from the NICU clinic who follows kids development. She was super pleased that Mia is receiving so many services. She said that looking at her development, cognitively is where she is doing best. She was very pleased with Mia's progress this past year. The best news was that she doesn't feel like she needs to follow Mia anymore, so it's another doctor off the list! Praise God!

After that we met with a potential ear, nose, throat surgeon for Mia's upcoming surgery (not scheduled yet). Her right nostril is blocked and we need to eventually do the surgery for that. He said that he likes to place a tube in their nose after surgery for 6-10 weeks to help ensure that when healing the nostril doesn't reblock itself, like it did last time. We plan on talking to a few more surgeons before we decide who we want to do the surgery with, you can be praying for wisdom in that area.

It was a long day, but it was nice to hit two appointments in one trip. So glad to be home, though.

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