Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time Flies...

We had a super busy weekend, we attended a birthday party on Saturday down at the fire station. It was a neat time for the kids, Mia liked all of it except for the ride in the fire truck. She did not like it when they sounded the horns. She did like spraying the water hose though. On our way home from the fire station she kept telling us, "I did not like the fire truck." :)

Calvin came down with a fever on Saturday and he hasn't been feeling well since. He is still on the mend, we took him to urgent care on Sunday just to make sure he didn't have an ear infection, he tends to tug his ears sometimes...anyway, his ears were fine, so they think it's just a virus and it's just going to take time. Yesterday he seemed a little bit better, but last night he could not get comfortable and ended up being up most of the night, which meant that we were up most of the night with the little guy.

Sunday Mia went to Cubbies, she loves it. She will now ask to do her Cubby book and she gets excited about wearing her vest. She got a patch last week and then another one yesterday, so this Mama gets to sew those on...I now know why I'm not a seamstress.

Yesterday was another MARE day for Mia. Usually while she is riding I am pushing Calvin in the stroller or chasing after him as he roams around, so I don't get to pay much attention to what Mia is doing on Sally. But, yesterday, every now and then I would hear Mia getting upset and fussing a bit on Sally and I soon learned it was because they were making Sally trot for about 25 yards and Mia did not like that. She looked pretty cute trotting though.

Today Mia gets some orthotics for her shoes to help with her arch support, hopefully those will fit well and help correct some of her foot placement issues. Is it the weekend yet? I'm sure ready for it to be the weekend.

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