Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For the past few months we've been studying the book of Nehemiah at church. It's a book about restoration. So, every Sunday on the projection screen it says Nehemiah and under it, Restoration. I kept seeing Mia's name in the word Nehemiah and of course, restoration under it. I kept thinking, this is the theme of her life. She has such a neat story of restoration, how God has healed her in amazing ways that even the doctors we see can't explain. Many of you who read this blog know her story, in fact, so many of you have prayed for her and we are forever grateful. Some of you we have never met and you have faithfully prayed for our daughter, that is so humbling and amazing. Sometimes, I start to take for granted what God has done in her life, how far she has come and then something like this happens and it makes me reflect, to remember what God has done and I'm encouraged all over again at the power of our God. The doctors told us that she would "eat, breathe, smile, and laugh"...that she would never crawl, walk, talk, or understand what she sees...that she would have no higher cognitive function at all. We have a thriving 4 year old! She's a miracle. Praise God that He has chosen to heal her and use her as a testimony for Him. She still has some hurdles to overcome, but we've come a long way in these past 3 1/2 years...and we could only have come this far by the grace of God. What a work of restoration. Thank you Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, you bring tears to my eyes. This beautiful girl of yours is indeed a miracle. I love reading your blog and think of your lovely family often.

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