Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awana Grand Prix

So, last Saturday (where has the time gone! I meant to blog about this sooner...) was the Awana Grand Prix. It's a fun event where kids get a block of wood that they need to cut, sand, paint and decorate into a car for the race. This is was our first year attempting the Awana Grand Prix and sadly, we waited until the last minute...but we got it done. So, we went with the generic shape they suggested (next year we will be much more creative seeing all the other cars that day.) Brad cut it out and Mia helped sand a bit, I painted the base coat and then Mia painted the top coat and added stickers...of what you ask, can you guess? Yup, Animals and ABC's and Numbers. To be expected. Anyway, she had a lot of fun making her car, but unfortunately, she didn't get to see it race. When she and Daddy went, the first race they did she got really upset with all of the loud cheering. So Daddy tried to explain that it was ok and prepare her for the next round, but again, she had a difficult time so he decided to not torture her and leave. Maybe next year. :)

When we got to Cubbies on Sunday, guess what?! Mia even won a prize. They gave her first in design. I guess those stickers paid off!

And of course Calvin, isn't this the cutest face ever! This kid is a climber. Anything and everything. The neat thing is that his signing has really taken off, along with his speech, but he now clearly communicates that he wants "More" of something and he'll even use "Please" which of course just seals the deal.

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