Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Day, Another Doctor

Today we were in Mission Viejo meeting with another ear, nose, throat doctor regarding Mia's blocked nostril. It was super informative, but he is not the doctor to do the surgery on Mia. He won't do it because he is now at a small community hospital and he thinks it should be done at a major university or children's hospital. He did give us a recommendation of another doctor down in San Diego, so we will be looking into that for more info. He also gave us an idea procedurally how he would have done it, so that is helpful in talking to other doctors to ensure the highest rate of success so that it doesn't rescar and we don't need to do this again.

We had another major success tonight with potty training. Mia asked to sit on the potty, her diaper was clean (usually it isn't clean) and she did go a little bit on the potty. We continue to see tiny progress in that area and we remain hopeful that God will give her the ability to control her bowels and eventually be potty trained. But, Praise God for this tiny bit of progress! And Praise God for an answer to prayer of wisdom for our doctor visit, I feel like we got a huge dose of that today!

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Megan Harmeyer said...

Sounds like a pretty productive day! Too bad that doctor you went to see won't be able to do the surgery, but at least he took the time to do some explaining and pointed you in the right direct. And YAY for Mia!! I know it'll take time but I have a feeling that Mia will get potty training down.