Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful for Weight Gain!

Mia got weighed in today and she's back up to 27 1/2 pounds. We still haven't started the new medicine, but she's been eating very well since we took her off the pediasure. However, I noticed her bottom getting really sore again and I'm inclined to believe it is lactose related, pediasure's first ingredient is sugar, where as milk is, well, milk. So, we've switched her to rice milk again and we'll see if that doesn't make a difference. She has been asking for alot of cheese also, so we'll just have to monitor it and see. Milk is definitely not the only dairy she gets, but that was the only major change since a week ago, so my gut tells me to try her on the rice milk again and see if that makes a difference. But, Praise God for great news about her weight!!!!

Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment in LA, a fourth opinion with a surgeon about her nose. Pray for wisdom and discernment on our part with finding the right doctor to do the operation on her.

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