Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Damage Control

That's sometimes what I feel like my job description should be. I'm always calculating in my head whether or not what I'm allowing the kids to destroy is worth more or less time and energy than what I'm currently doing. Like this morning, I have a time that we need to leave the house so we can make it to school...we have a routine and for the most part it goes fairly smoothly. I also have goals, if I can get a load of laundry in before we leave the house, then it's almost done by the time I get back and I'm just that much further ahead. So, while I'm running around trying to do the things I would like to get done I'm constantly assessing what the kids are doing and whether or not it's helping or hurting my Calvin taking the swiffer, I think, great...that will keep him preoccupied without much damage for a little while. But then I look up and Mia is taking off her gloves that we just put on so she can read a book...that's not going to help. Then I look over and Calvin is now taking off his socks that I just put on...oh no, that's not going to help either. Of course these are minor...thankfully we haven't had anything major, like me walking in on Mia with every single one of the books off the bookshelf and on the floor. Ok, you're probably thinking, that's not major, but for overly anal neat freak, well, that is major.

I've also learned that tasks take longer when you have toddlers. And that's ok too because they always want to help and it's a learning experience for them. So, laundry that I could normally fold quickly, I might have to refold a couple of times while they are "helping" me. But they are such sweet helpers, that I do really enjoy those times...for the most part.

Just some quirky thoughts I was thinking about this morning. Not much else is new so that's good news for us.

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